Japan doplhines

Are you kidding me? This makes me furious and I am embarrassed about Japan. I don’t care their advanced technology but they do whale and this is just unacceptable. Japanese fishermen rounded up more than 250 bottlenose dolphins in a secluded cove to take the pretty ones for captivity in the museum OR kill for meat. Who eats dolphins!? They are barbarians!!! I am Japanese but I had never heard of this practice and I want the world to know..most Japanese people do NOT support this. This is outrageous. Many dolphins are killed in front of their family dolphins. They shed blood..just like us. How can these fishermen do this to dolphins? The U.S. Ambassador to Japan (Caroline Kennedy) released a statement that she condemns this brutal slaughter. It is reported that dolphin meat is sold as food and it contains toxic levels of mercury. But can America criticize Japan for whale and dolphin hunting? Yeah they are bigger and mammals. They should be protected but how about hunting? I was horrified to see someone that I know in America showed me the pictures of dead animals he killed in South Africa. I guess there are more regulations in America so this idiot flew to South Africa to kill more animals.

But Dolphins are one of the most friendly mammal and even though Protests from animal protection groups and even the powerful political figures are urging Japanese fishermen stop this practice immediately.Japanese fishermen drive 200 and over Dolphin into the cove to start a rigorous selection process. Only 5% dolphins are sent to the life-time of captivity to be part of the show conduced in the museum. Many baby dolphins are torn from their mother and friends and the worst part is that fishermen just use a kong knife to cut it off while they are still alive in front of other dolphins. Dolphins are extremely intelligent animal and I cannot believe that one of the developed country is still continuing the shameful practice. I don’t want to use the word but this video footage of killing dolphins make me just want to scream at them and force them to stop. Please remember that most Japanese don’t know this practice. Most people that I know do not agree with this nonsense.

With the controversial visit to Yasukuni shrine, this simply Japan’s international reputation will suffer because of this. Very sad

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