Japanese randoseru

Have you ever heard of Randoseru? I feel weird saying the word randoseru because I hadn’t said it in years. In elementary school, I used Randoseru every single day for six years. It was part of my daily life. Girls normally have red randoseru whereas boys have black ones.

Randoseru is a very solid backpack that is made of leather or a synthetic material. We can use the same Randoseru for six years. For me, my parents bought another one because the old one was too beat up.

What surprises me is that Randoseru has become a popular hit among foreign tourists. People find Japanese randoseru tough and cute. So where did the word “Randoseru” come from? Apparently, Randoseru took their name from Ransel, the Dutch word for knapsack. Because of its unique design and cute look, tourists buy Randoseru as souvenirs for their children. Hum..that is very interesting. But the new Randoseru isn’t cheap.

The new one can cost anywhere between $300 to $400. That is a lot of money. Is this a temporary hit or is it going to be a long lasting product that is sought after by toursits? The expert says that sales are expected to soar until at least the Tokyo Olympics which will be held in Japan in 2020. Also the popularity of Japanese anima might have contributed to the increased sales in Randoseru. Randoseru is often featured in Doraemon or Connan.

Randoseru seems to be especially popular among Chinese tourists in Japan.


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