Japanese toilets

Japanese toilet 2

Japanese Toilet

When my friends visited me in Japan, nothing impressed them more than Japan’s advanced toilets with different features. It is so funny because a toilet in my home had these features 20 years ago so I thought toilets are all like that everywhere. But I’ve never seen any toilets with all these crazy features in any countries that I have visited so I guess this makes it even more worthwhile for me to talk about this subject. Japanese manufacturers of super toilets claim that there is no need to use toilet paper if we use all the features that come with their modern toilets. But wait, why don’t you need to use toilet paper? That is kind of..creepy?!

Here is why:

1) Shower feature: Modern toilets in Japan have shower features and you can control the pressure of shower depending on your preference. This is to obviously wash your part and this saves time for you to clean yourself and of course this is environmentally friendly since you wouldn’t have to use toilet paper!

2) Blow dryer: So it is good that Japanese toilets can clean your butt but don’t you need to wipe it? No..because they have blow dryer features..and you can have cool blow dryer or warm blow dryer depending on your preference. This is another excellent feature for lazy people who don’t want to use toilet paper to clean themselves and it is also an incredible smart features that really help people with disability or senior people so their caretakers don’t need to clean them..and all they need to do is to bring them to Japanese toilets! ^_^

3) Seat warming: In Japan, it is very cold in winter and this is probably my most favorite feature Japanese toilets offer..I still do not dare to use shower feature lol public toilet seats are usually warm if these come with luxurious features. Many public restrooms don’t have these toilets but the toilets in luxurious department stores offer all of these amazing features. People just want to keep going back to the stores just to experience their amazing toilets.

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