Japan’s fashion rental service

AirclosetmainJapan’s fashion rental service AirCloset snags $8Million.

AirCloset is a startup company in Japan. It was launched in February of 2015 and it offers a subscription based fashion rental services. There are over 70,000 subscribers now and it’s growing rapidly.

The company recently announced that they have raised about $8 million USD from investors.

What is airccloset?

Monthly membership costs 6,800 yen plus tax.¬†All you need to do is to sign up and enter your preferred style of clothes and fashion items. Then “stylist” will pick new clothes and items and you will receive 3 items in a box.

What makes this service attractive is that you have an option to buy what you rent. When we buy clothes from retails, we tend to buy similar types of clothes but if you use this type, you will still get the kind of clothes you like but it also challenges you to go out of your comfort zone.

https://www.air-closet.com/users/sign_in (Company website)

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