JLPT is coming up really soon. I hope that all of you guys have studied an ready for this test. This exam is highly valued by the Japanese government. So employers actually take potential candidate’s test results into consideration when they are hiring. Especially if you are planning to move to Japan, being able to understand and speak Japanese are quit important. You will realize as soon as you arrive in the airport in Japan that nobody rally speaks English. Even if some people can, they are shy. But anyways when I live in America, I speak English. so Foreigners should learn basic Japanese before visiting Japan. It makes your experience different.

Back to the original topic, I wanted to talk about JLPT today. Some people get really nervous during the test. Even though they did well on practice test, they can screw up the actual tests because of the anxiety. So Number 1. Take a deep breath..Tell yourself you are going to b ok. Take 12 sets of deep breath before starting the test.

2)Arrive 30 minuted prior to the start of class.

It is always better to arrive too early than too late. Get some water or tea if possible and review the learning materials at the test site. You should use this time to go to the restroom!

3) Take plenty of rest the night before. Sleep is important especially when you are taking the exam the next day. Proper sleep will help keep your attention so it will be easier to remember what you learn and apply your knowledge to answer these questions.

These are the obvious things that I used to not really pay attention. I messed up quite a few exams actually because of nervousness. College entrance examinations were the worst one. My parents would pay for Shinkan sen and I will go all over the universities to take tests. I was really nervous even before the test started. lol So it is important to relax and focus on the test. As long as you have been preparing for this test right, you will do great.

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