Seven strange Kitkat that I may not eat

Most people know one kind of KitKat. I don’t think KitKat is sold in American stores but when I go to Japanese super market in California, I definitely get a bag of kitkat.

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See the reactions of foreigners eating “exotic” Kitkat..nothing about Kitkat is exotic to me but I guess it is for some people.

I love sweets and KitKat is one of my favorite, but I had no idea that there are so many different kinds of Kitkat!

Matcha (green tea kitkat), Sparkling strawberry kitkat, Fruit Parfait kitkat, Adult flavor kitkat (I don’t know what this means..)

Here are my top 7 strange kitkat that I have never tried. I would like to eventually..

1. Grilled potato kitkat

yakiimo kitkat

2. Cherry blossoms kitkat

Cherry Blossoms Kitkat

3. Baked Mochi flavor kitkat

Mochi kitkat

4. Blueberry cheese cake kitkat

Blue berry kitkat

5 Brandy and Orange kitkat


6. Azuki Bean kitkat

azuki kitkat

7. Apple Vinegar Kitkat

apple veneger kitkat





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