Coming up with a topic for your website

People say that you should write “popular” topics so that way, you should be able to get some traffics to your website even as a beginner and I have to disagree. Because blogging and website development go much more than that and it is really time consuming and exhausting if you are creating a website based on the subject that you are not passionate about. And content is everything in my opinions. There are millions of websites on popular subjects but how many of them actually have useful contents..? That will be one of the key factors for success.

So if you are interested in making money through Google Adsense Program, you need to spend a lot of time building an audience and you will be spending a lot of time creating contents as well. So why would you waste your time on writing about it unless you are interested in the subject. My experience with Google Adsense and other networks are that it takes hard work to make money off blogs. So you might as well choose the right topic which is marketable and most importantly, you are interested in the topic so your passion and effort will be sustainable. Because I am telling won’t become a millionaire overnight blogging. lol

Once your website goes live, you need to create a Google Webmaster Tools Account (GWT). You should follow the instructions for setting up a site map. If you are using WordPress, you can download a plugin called “Yoast” that will do all the work to make sure your pages are listed and it will create a Sitemap for you! I should do that sometimes…

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