Mariah Carey

I love Mariah Carey..if you know me, you might be sick of me telling you about her..her music inspired me as a teenager. I think we all grew up with some of her songs. Her latest album “Me. I am Mariah….The Elusive Chanteuse” ┬áThis was a highly anticipated album since Mariah took sometime off for her marriage, difficult pregnancy….so real fans like me couldn’t wait for her new album and we ended up waiting for like four years. I was super excited when I first heard the songs on the was an advertisement but you could hear all her new tracks and place a pre-order..

Mariah’s new album recorded the lowest sales in her career sadly. I don’t think it is just her fault,but people no longer “buy” album. They may buy it and download but there are so many ways to download the music for free thanks to the technology. It isn’t the album because her new album is so cool..lots of Mariah’s original music is in this new album.

What I cannot stand the most is how the tabloid has been mocking her every move..”She can’t sing anymore..” “Warrobe malfunction..” Sure her voice is not in the best condition anymore because she is in her 40s! But she is still talented as hell, and her performance in China was actually great! Then nobody talks about the great performance and focus on this one song Mariah’s voice cracked. Who cares? She is really busy, working non-stop, struggling with recent divorce from a husband of over six years. I admire Mariah for keeping on going and doing what she needs to do for her fans. Most people couldn’t have handled what she does for a living.


Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse

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