My most favorite Hikaru Utada’s songs

Hikaru Utada is one of the most successful Japanese female artists. What I particularly like about her is the fact that she writes and produces all of her songs.

She is a global superstar as she has millions of fans around the globe. She attempted to branch out to the U.S. music industry but that didn’t quite work out as her fans hoped.

She got married to a young Italian bartender at a private ceremony and gave birth to a baby boy recently. Congratulations! She announced that she has been working on her new album and I am super excited as she hasn’t released an album for about six years.

I love Utada Hikaru’s music and her first album reminds me of the time when I just moved to Los Angeles to go to college. Here is a list of my most favorite Utada Hikaru’s songs.

No.1 First Kiss

Utada was only a teenager when she released this song..what kind of teenager was she? LOL “Saigo no kiss wa tabako no flavor ga shita..” (Our last kiss tasted like the cigarette)

No.2 Time will tell

This song is so uplifting and I love playing this song in my car!

No.3 Fly me to the moon

This is a cover song but I love this version of the song.

No.4 For You

I love this song. Another song that I play in my car!

No. 5 Deep River

This is such a beautiful song.

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