Ordinary Japanese girl Saya..but what?

Saya looks like a typical Japanese high school girl. She is beautiful but when you realize that she isn’t real, you may be shocked. She looks so real, what do you mean that Saya isn’t real?

Saya is actually the creation of 3D computer graphic artists Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa, freelance artists in Tokyo. The husband and wife freelancers have worked on different lifelike characters between their jobs. You can create almost anything using the latest computer animation technology..

The artists said that achieving “Saya”‘s skin tone was very challenging.

I still can’t believe that saya isn’t a real girl..because it is so realistic. Of course the husband and wife have spent a lot of time creating out of this world realistic, computer generated portraits. And their plan is for her to become a movie star!!! The couple is filming and it features their Saya. ┬áIt is a bit creepy and even scary but I am just amazed by the technology that we have now…


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