Peeing Shiba ken


Wow these are really the weirdest way. Japan is surely the best creator of these characters!

The Shiba Inu (or the Shiba ken) is a Japanese breed of hunting dog and these dogs are everywhere and are very common in Japan. I did not know that but apparently Shiba Inu are very popular and Tokyo-based Japanese toy company created the Shiba Inu characters for vending machine figures.

So what can you get from this vending machine?

You will get a Shiba Inu figure that’s peeing.. humm..

I was not expecting that, but I would forgive them because they are so cute even if they are peeing!

The cool thing about these figures (toys) are that the colors of their dogs are different~!


…And these are very affordable and you can get one peeing dog mascot figure for 300 yen, which is equivalent to US $2.80. You can put these cute figures on your work desk…

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