Popular Japanese female singers


I really like Beni Arashiro. Her voice is beautiful, and she has been singing mostly pops and R&B, which I really like. Her songs are mainly about love and relationships, which has attracted many female fans. The first song that I heard was “mou nidoto”. I find it interesting that today’s poplar singers such as Beni and Namue Amuro are ethnically mixed. They are both partially Caucasian. These new singers became to be the center of admiration for Japanese women. Mixed models dominate the Japanese fashion industry, so it is common for Japanese young stars or aspiring starts to have certain plastic surgeries to follow the trends. An eyelid surgery is probably the most popular procedure  among young people hoping to look like these mixed superstars.  This is rather sad, but actually I really like both Beni and Namie Amuro because these singers represent the status of modern Japanese women.

The average age for Japanese women to get married has risen. It is becoming more common for women to choose not to retire after marriage.Most women used to take a route of “Kotobuki taisha” (to retire when they get married) 50 years ago, but Japanese women have become more independent since. It became a sensation when Namie Amuro got married to a dancer at the age of 20. She and her husband divorced, and then she made a huge comeback. Another popular singer whom I have never been a huge fan personally is Ayumi Hamasaki. She has been a popular icon for successfully selling albums while retaining old fans. She has large wide eyes and a small face, which were surgically created. These facial features are considered attractive especially to young Japanese women. But I have to give her a credit that she has been one of the most empowering Japanese women in modern days.

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