I love Rilakkuma. It is a lovely bear character from Japan..of course any cute characters are created by Japanese people! I personally feel that Rilakkuma surpassed the popularity of Hello Kitty in Japan..I personally prefer Rilakkuma to Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty chan is cute but it’s over saturated and you find hello kitty products everywhere all over the world. I have some of Rilakkuma items such as a small wallet, towel, key holder etc and people always compliment me and ask where I got those. You can of course get Rilakkuma products online, Japanese stores..or in Japan of course. Rilakkuma isn’t only for small kids but the character is so lovely and adorable..that many Japanese adults love Rilakkuma. As you can guess, “Kuma” is a Japanese word and it means “bear”. and Rilakkusu is a Japanese word for Relax so by having Rilakkuma around, you forget your hectic days and things that you are supposed to take care of..just relax like this bear and enjoy your day. 🙂

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