Super Japanese female artist

I love Beni Aarashiro!

There are many extremely gifted female artists in Japan but Beni is one of my most favorite female artists in Japan because of the following reasons:

1. She writes her own music. Many artists have people who write music for them and they simply perform but Beni writes all of her songs.

2. She is an excellent dancer! 

Not only that she can write her own music, Beni is an excellent dancer. She could have easily started her career as a dancer.

3. She is an excellent singer and her voice is powerful yet soothing.

Beni is a rare combinations of talents. She can produce her own music and dance. She’s got a very powerful voice yet very soothing. Beni can sing good upbeat songs while dancing like a pro! She makes a lot of ballads songs and her singing ability is quite amazing. I love her powerful yet soothing voice.

4. She is beautiful. 

Beni is gorgeous. Her mother is Japanese and father is American of European descent. I think Beni could have been a Vivi model (Vivi is a popular Japanese fashion magazine.)

5. She speaks English and Japanese fluently.

Utada Hikaru’s attempt to start her career as a singer in the U.S. didn’t quite work out as she would liked to. I also like Utada so not sure what the real reason was but generally it is difficult for Asian people to become successful singers in the U.S. But I genuinely feel that Beni can be successful with the right team and support.


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