This Japanese women is 43 but..


Guess how old she is? Masako Mizutani became famous for her eternal youth..I thought she was 24 years old or something like that but she is…43!! Isn’t that incredible? And she really is 43 years old, and she is a mother of two daughters!

Japanese media calls her “Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth.”

Japanese or East Asian women tend to look younger than their actual age, but this one is just jaw dropping. Her skin is practically flawless, no wrinkles or age spots. But according to Masako, maintaining her skin is time consuming as she spends caring for her skin five hours a day…

My skin care regimen..remove my makeup using exfoliator, use skin brightener then use a toner.

I spend probably 5 minutes for this routine…maybe I should change this?

So let’s reveal what this woman with eternally young skin does to maintain such flawless skin

1) Drink plenty of water: It flush out toxins..very important!

2) Eat healthy balanced diet especially fish

3) Use Vitamin E cream

4) UV cream

5) cleansing, toning, moisturizing

6) Here is important NO SMOKING! smoking will accelerate the aging

7) and sleep eight hours a day

But I think a lot of women do this in an attempt to look young..but so far, she is the youngest looking 43 years old I have ever seen, and that is why she became so famous in Japan.



Some people say that she doesn’t look as young as photographs since she appeared in some TV shows. is the video of eternal youth..Yes she does look a little here, she was 45 years old..hum..she looks maybe in her 30s.


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