Interesting facts about Japan

There are many interesting facts about Japan, so I wanted to list them in today’s posting. 🙂

1 Row horse meat is still a popular food in Japan. I might have tried it growing up in Japan.

2 the trains in Japanese major cities are jam-packed that railway staff have to push passengers into the carriage. It is pretty crazy.

3 Christmas is celebrated like Valentine’s day in Japan.

4 Japanese people are not very religious. Many of them won’t understand the differences between Shintoism and Buddhism.

5 It is reported that Japan’s literacy rate is 100%. (really?)

6 When you eat noodles in Japan, you can slurp it and make nice sound! It means that you are really enjoying the noodle!!

7 Japan is the world largest consumer of Amazon rain forest timber..(I did not know this..)

8 Vending machines in Japan sell tobacco and alcohol.

9 Contrary to popular belief, whale meat is not delicacy in Japan. Sushi is! Many Japanese dislike the taste and older Japanese people may be reminded of the post World War ll when whale meat was one of the few economical sources of protein.


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