10 million people visiting Japan

This year over one million foreigners visited Japan and this has reached the milestone of “10 government from the start of the “Visit Japan Campaign” in 2003. We believe the expansion of duty-free items and slightly eased visa requirements for South Eastern Asian Tourists have become the crucial factors to boos the tourism in Japan. Although Japanese economy is reported to have been improving, the country can benefit from economy these foreign tourism will bring to the country. Now you see many foreigners buying branded products and electronic products in Japan.

JTB announced that the expected number of foreigners visiting Japan next year would be 11.8 million people which shows the 14.3 percent increase over the previous year. Due to a weaker yen visitors from Asia will continue to increase in Japan. Despite the report, Japanese tourism agency estimates the number of foreign tourists in Japan was ranked only 33. and It is only at the 8 position in Asia. I really hope that this upcoming olympics and all the innovative events and buildings they are planning will attract more foreign tourists to boost Japanese stagnant economy!

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