“A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Grammar”


My first Japanese Grammar Guide is available:

“A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Grammar”

This book is designed for the Beginner. If you are new to Japanese language and culture, this book will certainly help you master the language.

To get a PDF version of this book, please make a payment via paypal and I will personally contact you and send you an electronic copy.

“It is never too late to learn a new language. Let your language learning journey begin..”

Table of Contents

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Lesson 1: Greetings and Good Byes—5

Lesson 2: How to Introduce Yourself–9

Lesson 3: How to Ask Questions in Japanese–11

Lesson 4: How to Ask More Questions in Japanese–14

Lesson 5: How to Count Numbers–18

Lesson 6: Learning Time in Japanese–21

Lesson 7:Counting Minutes in Japanese–24

Lesson 8:How to Count Japanese Money–28

Lesson 9: Occupation, Nationality, Age, Year and Major–32

Lesson 10: “No” Particule-39

Lesson 11: How to Order Food and Drink in Japan–42

Lesson 12: Particles–46

Lesson 13: Verbs–49

Lesson 14: Asking Questions in Japanese–54

Lesson 15: “Aru” and “Iru”–58

Lesson 16: Expressions Using “Aru” and “Iru”–65

Lesson 17: Ni Particle: 68

Lesson 18: Answering in a Negative Form–72

Lesson 19: Past Tense–76

Lesson 20: How to Answer Questions in the Past Tense–81

Lesson 21: Past Tense Verbs–85

Lesson 22: Adjectives–89

Lesson 23: Affirmative Past Tense of True Adjectives and “Na” Adjectives–95

Lesson 24: Negative Past Adjectives–100

Lesson 25: Exercises–103

Lesson 26: How to Invite People Politely–109

Lesson 28: Responding to Your Conversational Partner–112

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