A Japanese politician makes headlines over an affair

Sigh..this is truly sad.

Lawmaker Kensuke Miyazaki is the first member of parliament to take paternity leave so he can take care of his baby while his wife focuses on her own political campaign.

Now, he is famous for something else- Cheating!

His attempt to challenge traditional Japanese gender roles was good but maybe that’s not the only reason that he wanted to take time off and stay home.

He was caught having an affair with a woman just days before his wife gave birth to their son. He apologized deeply at a news conference just like anybody else does in Japan.

Some people from his own political party were criticizing him for prioritizing his family over his work, especially in political world, politicians are expected to devote their lives entirely to work. Well, at least on the surface.

His wife, Megumi Kaneko is a beautiful politician is completely humiliated by this public circus.

But Mr. Miyazaki has taken full responsibility for his own transgression as he had to quit his job after admitting to having an affair.

BBC reports: He said he met the woman where she helped him and other lawmakers dress up in ceremonial kimonos for the opening of Japan’s parliament, known as the Diet, on 4 January.

“I remember meeting her three times (after that). The last time I saw her was in Kyoto. We don’t contact each other anymore,” he said. https://ladyx.ch

“I’ve explained everything to my wife. I deeply regret doing such a cruel thing to her just after giving birth..I sincerely apologise for causing an uproar,” he told reporters as he bowed towards them.

It doesn’t end here. If it was a mistake he has committed once, his wife may reconsider. But this guy should not be forgiven as he said he could not deny involvement with other women when he was asked at the press conference.

Yes please..do respect yourself and divorce this man. Once a cheater, always a cheater!!!

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