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Japan is one of the major countries where most people living there, appreciate its beauty, and intends only to travel within its boundaries. A person may travel in Kyoto’s temples, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, or may just wish to go shopping in its grandeaus malls. What exactly do the Japanese people ride when they choose to go backpacking?

The most effective transportation in travelling around Japan is its high-tech bullet train (Shinkansen), as they say the best, and fastest train in the world. Japan, being known as being advanced in technology, definitely has effectively proven its bullet trains as the best. It could carry twice the passengers that a commercial airline transport could actually carry. It is costs only around Y14,050, but a Japan Railway pass (JR Pass) could make it a lot more cheaper, and is proven to be very economical. A JR Pass is available only to foreign tourists, and could be bought from the tour guide, or Japan Airlines. It offers unlimited travel all throughout Japan’s buses, and trains.

If a person feels like the bullet train might be too expensive, then there are other alternatives to choose from for ones cheap travel. Some are those listed below:


Riding a bicycle is an effective way to budget ones money in case of backpacking. Renting it costs only around Y850 to Y1150 a day. For a longer stay in Japan, one should buy it instead at around Y10000. Aside from being cheap, it is proven to be a good form of exercise. Most or all of the places or tourist spots in Japan have bicycle parking in them. Compared to having the JR Pass, both are actually economical, although having the JR Pass would be more convenient for a person than a bike since it is actually a pass for a ride in a public transportation.


Another mode of transportation would be by airplane. The most popular airline that is receiving raves is JetStar Japan Airlines. It will start its operations by the end of 2012. JetStar Japan would travel domestically around Japan. This airlines offer low fare rates, definitely good for pockets in an expensive country, Japan. It could only house around 180 passengers, unlike a bullet train which could double it. While international flights would start its flight at the start of next year. Other commercial airlines, like Japan Airlines, and All Nippon Airlines, are expensive, unlike having the JR Pass. Also, considering further that people would actually spend more on a fast ride than that of a slow ride which may even have occurrences of turbulence.


This way of transportation took a lot of development from when it started in Japan. But still compared to the trains, trains are now said to be a more effective than the bus. Bus’ prices have considerably went down since the subways became popular. Most backpackers still recommend riding the train because the fare system for buses has been very confusing.


There are enormous availability of this transportation in Japan. The downside is that it is very expensive especially during the night time, although there is no known reason for such. When travelling in a group, it is better to share the cost of the fare.

It is the person’s choice what transportation he would like to take. Since in his choice, he may consider a lot of factors. Considering such factors, one should take into priority the following: effectiveness, comfort, and safety.

So go on, whatever transportation method you choose, head to Japan [] for your next trip and experience the Japanese culture.

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