Herbivore men in Japan aren’t interested in sex

Japan is known for technology, cars, electronics and sexuality is definitely one of them. When I saw my friend’s Chinese American boyfriend, he started to ask me how Japanese pornographic industries are so huge despite its shame based culture.

But it is very strange as it is ported that nearly one quarter of¬†guys over 30 are virgins. Really? I immediately contacted my best friend in Japan and asked..she didn’t reply. lol

What surprises me is that women age 34, it is somewhat less, but still 23.8% of them are virgins.

Maybe this explains why young people in Japan are less interested in forming an intimate relationship with someone because there are so many other ways to meet their sexual needs.

Some men prefer virtual girlfriends to real women.

Source reports that stagnant economy could be another reason that is killing Japanese people’s sex drives.

I would be interested in writing research paper on this subject but I definitely have to do more research..

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