Benefits of learning a second language

People want to learn a foreign language for different reasons. Being able to speak another language give us the opportunities to communicate with others who don’t speak our native language. It also gives us a competitive edge and bring more job opportunities. In California, Spanish is the most popular second language because of a large Spanish speaking population. To me, learning a foreign language has never been about career advancement or job opportunities. I grew up hearing a few other languages so I developed sensitive hearing to different languages and sounds. I also think that it made me much more open-minded and accepting of other cultures. So to me personally, it is far more important than getting more job opportunities. Many studies have shown that learning a second language can help one’s intellectual development.

The best way for children to obtain native-like proficiency is to put them in the environment, where they have to speak and understand the second language. Even though I speak English and Japanese, I am more sensitive to the sound of other languages because of my upbringing. Even though English is supposed to be the most spoken language, we should all try to learn a second language. I think it is one of the most fulfilling thing we can do in life.

People value different things in life, and I am sure many people say they chose to learn a certain language for their job but learning a second or third language is so much more than increasing career opportunities. It is fun and stimulating. It is good for the brain. is an online Japanese language school based in San Diego, California. We have helped learners of all levels. Students from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Texas, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia,Las Vegas, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Philipines etc.

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