Valentine’s udon noodle

love kitsuneThis would be a perfect way to show your love for your boyfriend or husband. In Japan, girls give gifts mainly chocolate to their significant other or someone they have a crush on.

If your man isn’t into sweets, this may be an alternative to chocolate.

Udon noodles filled with a lot of “heart.”-Love Kitsune

Udon is thick noodle from wheat flour and it is usually served in a hot soup. It is delicious. This will be remembered forever because of the huge heart-shaped aburaage topping!

Kitsune udon is one of my most favorite Japanese dish. The Kitsune udon is served with “Aburaage” which is a thin sheet of fried tofu. It is subtly sweet and yummy.

You can buy this very special one of a kind udon noodle from this website.


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