Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan is different from the Christmas celebrated in many countries. In America, people typically spend Christmas with their family. Exchanging Christmas gifts is a popular modern custom here. But in Japan, Christmas Eve is the most romantic holiday in Japan, and it is much like Valentines Day in the western countries. Young Japanese couples go out and spend a romantic time together at nice restaurants and hotels in Japan. Even though Christmas is not a Japanese national holiday, Christmas trees are placed at many homes, and people eat Christmas cake sold at stores.

You see beautiful Christmas decorations and illuminations during this time of the year. Christmas is basically a commercial event in Japan, and even though people spend time with their family, it is also a big commercial holiday as well in America because of Christmas gift exchange. based in San Diego, California is a Japanese language school, whose mission is to promote Japanese language and culture. We offer private Japanese language classes and lessons online.

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