College Students in Japan Cool Off in Yukata

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JapanNews reports that quite a few universities in Japan organized events, in which students and teachers spent a day wearing Yukata. Yukata is a type of summer Kimono. It’s very light and beautiful. So what is the purpose of allowing students, professors and staff to wear Yukata in school?

This is to give opportunities for young people who are not necessarily used to wearing traditional Japanese clothing. Kokugakuin University has had Waso Day (traditional Japanese clothing day) on July 7, which is the Tanabata star festival day in Japan.

“The word yukata originally referred to kimono made of a single layer of cloth worn after bathing or for sleeping in the summer.”

Summer is brutal in Japan. It’s extremely hot and humid. I wouldn’t want to even think about wearing thick kimono. Yukata is much more comfortable as it is very lightweight.

Many Japanese young women wear Yukata for special events such as fireworks and festivals at shrines and temples. Yukata is also worn in Bon dancing.


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