Japanese college life

Japanese college life is certainly different from my experience of being a college student in American University. When you think about Japan, words such as “pressure” “stress” “high quality” and “hard worker” might come into your mind..these are all true. I truly believe that Japanese people are the hardest workers, however Japanese college kids are something else..so if you are hoping to study in Japan for real education and all that, you may be disappointed with Japanese college students’ relaxed (very relaxed) attitudes toward education. It’s almost like they don’t take their courses seriously because it is common for them to have their friends sign their sign-in sheet in classes. I am sure this happens in America also but if you get caught doing that in where I studied, it would have been a huge deal..academic dishonesty..probation..letter from the chair..I don’t want to even think about it.

Anyways so here is the question..”Why don’t Japanese students study in college?” I’ve written about college admission exam hell in the past. Japanese high school students who aim to go to top universities are subject to enormous pressure to pass the college entrance exam which is administered once a year and they take the test in their senior year of high school..so they study, study and study until that point, and once they get into the colleges of their choices..they are on vacation from that point. It makes sense because this will be the last time before they are subject to enormous pressure to find an employment and also excel and work really hard for Japanese companies..It isn’t just a phenomenon among Japanese college students..this seems to be the case for fellow Asian college students in East Asian countries. It’s the system which causes this type of inefficiency. I studied hard in American college..well, I had to because of my language barrier which I tried really hard not to use this excuse. Even without the language barrier, it was still hard writing a 25-page research paper and surviving in the quarter system.

Anyways it’s all good after all!

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