Crazy beauty gadgets from Japan

When I visited my family in Japan last year, I noticed all these “beauty” products were sold in every drug store/beauty supply store. I don’t see any of them in American beauty supply stores.

When it comes to these beauty enhancing tools, nothing can top Japan. I know about fake eyelashes, double eyelid glue, tape but didn’t realize that my country has so many creative tools to beautify your face. It’s an eye-opening experience for foreigners.

These are the top ten beauty tools that surprised me (even though I am Japanese!) This isn’t some kind of joke and Japanese women (and men) use them.

But if these tools really work, it’s worth a try.¬†Cosmetic procedures carry risks and it’s expensive!

I get forehead Botox once in a while…I used expensive wrinkle cream and none of them really worked. Botox¬†injections definitely erase wrinkles because you are basically freezing muscles…

1. Eyelid Trainer: All you need to do is to wear glasses for five minutes a day. It naturally train and improve upper eyelid. As a result, you can have a double eyelid without glue or surgery.

eye trainer

You can buy here on for 1,098 Yen.

2. Facial lift up mask belt (to make your face smaller): I don’t know why Japan is obsessed with small face but you would be considered cute if you have a small face. Cheek/Jaw reduction surgeries are very common in Japan. If you use these products, your face will be naturally more slimmed and toned. But it looks very uncomfortable.

kogao 5 kogao 4 kogao 3 kogao 2 kogao 1

3. Cheek trainer: If you train muscles around your mouth using these tools, it may reduce the appearance of fine lines around your mouth. All beauty comes with sacrifice..

mouth trainer 4 mouth trainer 3 mouth trainer 2 cheek trainer

4. Nose straighteners: This tool can push up your nose and can create beautiful, firmer and higher nose. This beauty gadget applies gentle vibration from the bottom, side and front. I don’t really understand how this will make your nose higher but it is definitely much less expensive and painful than surgery.

nose shaper 6 nose shaper 1


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