Crazy political woman

Oh My god..

Mayuko Toyota, a super elite Japanese politician, resigned after allegations that she physically and verbally abused her secretary. Her colleague says Ms. Toyota is known for being a very tough boss, but this is just plain ridiculous.

Various news programs introduced this incident..

The victim, Ms. Toyota’s secretary felt like he was in danger after being hit for the first time, so decided to record the next incident that may happen..and it goes like this..

“Kono Hage…”

translation in english: “You Baldy!!!”

This incident happened when he was driving her.  You can hear someone hitting the victim and he keeps saying sorry..

Ms. Toyota was actually sitting in the back seat and her secretary was driving her on May 20. Then she got infuriated when she found out her secretary had sent wrong letters to her 47 supporters. According to the victim, Ms. Toyota attacked him by hitting his face and head while driving. According to someone who has talked to both Ms. Toyota and the victim, Ms. Toyota attacked her secretary seven times in three days and the victim has bruises on his body.

The audio file has been played over and over. Ms in various news programs in Japan.

Then Mr. Toyota shows a complete different side in public, saying the importance of creating a supportive environment for employees. It is important to inspire youth to dream big..blah blah…Because she herself does not practice it based on the audio recording! Not only that but her behavior is plain criminal act.

It gave me chills when Mr. Toyota starts to talk to the victim in musical tone..and then  She even accused and threatened her secretary’s daughter.

Here are some of the transcripts of the recording.

Toyota: You Baldy!

Secretary: I apologize..I was going to contact …

Toyota: I said you were wrong!!!

Secretary: I am sorry and I am driving..

Toyota: You are wrong!!


Secretary: I apologize. Hitting is a little..I am sorry.

Toyota: But you have been hitting my heart so hard!!

Secretary: Well…

Toyota: How hard have you been hitting my heart?

Secretary: Yes, that pain…I understand.

Toyota: No you don’t understand!!

Secretary: I am sorry and please don’t hit me.

While speaking in musical tone, Mr. Toyota went on to ask her secretary how he would have felt if someone ran his daughter over and kills her..then the driver says that it was unintentional…

The victim is considering to press charge against his ex boss who is clearly mentally unstable and violent.

Her resignation alone wouldn’t take care of this scandal,,she can get into trouble for assault and physical violence, which are of course illegal even though work place harassment is fairly common in Japan. This psycho did cross the line.

Ms. Toyota graduated from Tokyo University and then graduated from Harvard law school then became a politician. She is a super elite and could have done what she was preaching in public. To be fair, I would say she does admit her violent behavior toward her secretary and is feeling distraught. She was just stressed out..but there is no excuse for this type of behavior.


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