When I last went to visit my sister in Tokyo, I was somewhat overwhelmed with the crowd walking toward me very very fast. I should be used to this but it has been a while since I left the country and I kind of stood there and didn’t know what to do. My sister showed up on time and she kind of laughed at me and asked if this was overwhelming to me. It wasn’t that bad but I would imagine the crowd and the speed were kind of scary. I admit. There is one thing I want to say to you is that:

Unless you love to do this, do not take the train during weekday rush hours! I am sure that you have seen pictures or youtube videos of extremely packed Japanese trains. It can get very sweaty in summer so I was tempted to wait for the next train because Japanese subway system is really convenient and they run every 10-20 minutes. (even more frequently!) And the station clerk would just push the crowd into the train and that is when you see some of the passengers fall asleep. I do not know if they are really that tired in the morning and need to sleep or it’s too awkward to be standing or sitting (if you are lucky) in a jammed packed trains so my theory is that many Japanese people deal with embarrassment or awkwardness by pretending to sleep.

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