Cutest little girl



Japanese Photographer Kotori Kawashima has captured the cutest pictures of this little girl. Mirai chan is the cutest 4-year old. 

Kawashima followed her friend’s 4-year-old daughter from Japanese countryside to Paris. Kawashima’s photo book titled “Mirai Chan”. Once you see her face, you just can’t forget her.

Mirai chan is also the polarizing main character of a series of books by photographer Kotori Kawashima.

No wonder that the photo book was an instant success in Japan. The book was published by a Tokyo gallery but it was sold out.

Mirai means

The girl is very curious, confident and happy. Her liveliness comes through these pictures. Also I see myself in this girl..I did have the same hairstyle when I was 4 years old. I don’t know if this is a typical Japanese girl’s hairstyle but it’s kind of old-fashioned.

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