I am very passionate about advocating for those who don’t have voices and animals can’t speak for themselves and defend themselves. I am not a vegetarian and eat chicken, beef and sometimes pork. So people may ask..”what’s the difference? We kill cows, pigs and chickens brutally..” Yup..I wish we don’t eat meat at all and it’s probably healthier. But it’s practiced in many developed countries and unfortunately that’s the way it is. We can’t change that. I must admit that I will probably become a vegetarian once I see how cows are slaughtered.

But this dolphin hunting at the Taiji is just outrageous and it is even more outrageous that Japanese government defends this practice for the preservation of Japanese culture. I grew up in Japan and had never heard of this dolphin hunting. Japanese media does not cover this, and we don’t eat dolphin and Japanese people love dolphins. There are countless animal protection organizations in Japan, but unfortunately this just cannot be prohibited just like we can’t do anything about the Japanese leader going to the Yasukuni shrine. Fishermen are simply doing their jobs since there is a huge demand for dolphins. It is said that one beautiful dolphin can be sold up to $100,000 or more, and these fishermen hunt dolphins respectfully under the strict government regulations. However they must stop this now. Japan is supposed to the second or the third most powerful country even with its stagnant economy. What kind of messages the country is sending to the rest of the world? And this really damages the reputation of the country.

Dolphins are mammals and they are known to be the most intelligent animals. They have the right to live in the ocean freely and they should not be kept in the captivity.

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