Grow human organs inside pigs

Professor Hiro Nakaguchi at Tokyo University is doing this incredible research. He takes skin cells from an adult brown rat then uses gene manipulation to change these adult skin cells into what are called “iPS” cells. The amazing thing about induced pluripotent stem cells is that they have many of the same characteristics as embryonic stem cells. In other words, they can develop into any part of the animal’s body..IPS cells were first created in 2006 by Japanese medical researcher Dr Shinya Yamanaka. In 2012, he won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. –> The ultimate objective is to get human organs to grow inside pigs. The ability to reproduce a human organ that is genetically identical to the person who needs it. (continue reading..)

If this study succeeds, we can generate human organs from induced pluripotent stem cells and this will provide us with a novel approach for organ supply. They have tried it between mice and rats so they are now confident in generating functional human organs using this approach. If this works, the technique could produce a way of treating diabetic patients by providing a way of replacing their pancreas…(continue reading…)


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