How much does it cost to do a Japan Internship?

Adam Claydon-Platt Adam-Claydon-Platt_104018 A Japanese internship can be highly enriching in terms of the learning and exposure to work methods in some of the most efficient and quality conscious organizations in the world. It can also introduce you to a new language, a new culture, and different traditions. Alongside the career and learning benefits, it is also necessary to consider the costs when planning an internship in Japan. As a prosperous and developed country, Japan has a high standard of living. The costs of food and accommodation can be quite high and so need to be given proper consideration before you get ready to fly off to Japan.  There are also a number of other expenses that you should plan for. The first step is applying for a internship. If you go through a professional organization, you would probably have to pay an initial enrollment fee. This could be anything from $50 to $250 and would be non-refundable. Many organization also charge you a document processing fee of up to $500. This fee is sometimes refunded if you are not selected for an internship in Japan. Some organizations and consortiums in Japan, especially those in the service sector require international interns to submit a security deposit prior to issuing a letter of confirmation. This deposit can be from $250 to $1000 and is non-refundable. Once you have received confirmation of internship placement, it is time to get your visa. Thankfully, there are no fees for obtaining a Visa to Japan. The next and perhaps one of the biggest overheads for your Japan internship is the cost of your flight tickets. There are many low cost carriers that fly into most major cities in Japan from the US and other destinations worldwide. Even with low cost carriers, the cost of air tickets could range from between $1000 to $2000 for a round trip, depending on the time of your travel and whether you select a direct flight or a stopover. These are all the initial costs that you would have to incur prior to starting your Japan internship. Once you are in Japan, you would have to consider the cost of living. These include expenses for food, accommodation, travel, and leisure. Different cities in Japan have different living costs with the capital region of Tokyo being the costliest. Before you accept the internship offer, you must carefully research and understand all of these costs. Most professionals consultants will provide you with details breakdown of the costs you are likely to incur when you are in Japan. If the internship you have been selected for is a paid one, you would not likely be able to take care of these costs through your stipend. However, if your internship is unpaid, all of these costs would be out of your pocket. Unpaid internships often come with free food and accommodation; if your internship program is a similar one, then the only costs you would incur would be those for travel and leisure. However, for unsupported students, these costs could go up to $1,000 a month. Accommodation in Japan costs between $100 and $200 a week and depends on the kind of arrangements you select. Calculating the total of all these expenses and considering your internship to be of 9 weeks, the total cost you are likely to incur for your Japan internship could range between $7,000 or more. Therefore, it would be wise to seek out internships which offer employer-subsidized accommodation and meals, in which case your budget would go down to around a much more reasonable $4,000 for the entire internship period. Article Source:

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