How to space for others

I started to do daily meditations and wanted to share important tips this calm meditation program has taught me.

I was skeptical about the benefits of meditation even though friends, therapists and everyone recommended meditation because of its effectiveness on calming our mind, body and soul. It’s still hard for me to concentrate on simply meditating because my mind is constantly busy, going from one place to another, looking back the past and future…and it’s interesting how my thoughts and how my mind can affect my emotions.

I am sure that this is very common especially for empathetic people. When someone you care about is struggling, you want to say something, give suggestions and to help and even fix the situation. It is natural to want to help when your friend is suffering.

Maybe your coworker is suffering from illness and you want to tell him about diet change. But the most generous and supportive thing you can do when the other person is suffering is to simply hold a space for them to lean on.

It is the most helpful thing you can do. Non-judgmental attitude and creating a compassionate space alone help them resolve the causes of their struggles just by providing a safe space. You listen without judgment, try not to make suggestions, listen and providing a safe space for your friends who are struggling, are the kindest thing you can do for the person.

Let the person speak her truth and just hold a space for her.

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