Inspiring message to children who are bullied in school

This message is really inspiring and I wish my teachers back home would have said that to us. The junior high school I attended was probably the WORST school in the prefecture (!). I witnessed bullying many times and that was really hard especially because I was the only Hafu child there.

Mr. Shoji Koukami is a playwright artist and has messages to all children who are bullied in school in Japan.

If you are being bullied in school now, you don’t need to go to school today.

All you need to do for yourself is to escape from school. You should run as quickly as you can from bullies. There is no need to blame yourself for not going to school. Adults often don’t go to work when they can’t take it anymore.

The next thing that I would like for you to do is to NEVER DIE.¬†You should tell everyone how you are being bullied in school. You can even write a will and leave it on your kitchen table before leaving your house. Let the adults worry about you and it is ok. If your parents don’t take you seriously, you should mail the will to school. You should let them know who are the bullies.

You won’t feel at peace by committing suicide. Because bullies will never feel remorse. It is going to alright because this world is bigger than you think. There is a place where you can live comfortably. It could be a small village or an island but you are going to find it.

I have seen many elementary school students who survived in the island so please run away with courage.

This is quite inspiring because teachers in Japan often pressure children to do well, do this and do and some people think that only cowards stop going to school because of their bullies. What’s wrong with protecting yourself by not going to school? Why should you suffer? I think it is far wiser for you to come up with an alternate plan not to be emotionally traumatized (physically also!) in school. It’s, of course after you have done everything to stop the bullies. It is not always possible because bullies in my junior high school had a lot of serious issues at home and they were simply taking their anger out on other kids and they didn’t know any better..but I wish our teachers would have said this..”It is ok not to come to class while we resolve this issue. Your wellbeing is far more important.”

School bullying is a serious social issue everywhere. Unfortunately, bullying can lead to suicide and that needs to stop before it happens. I think it is very powerful if teachers can simply tell their students to put their  safety ahead of everything and report any bullying to them immediately.

It is ok to run away..when your environment is simply intolerable.

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