Japan may drop the swastika from maps

temple-2 temple-1Japan is planning to remove the symbol that are currently used to identify temples on maps.

Why? Because it resembles the Nazi’s swastika.

Japan wants to avoid confusion and misunderstanding as the nation prepares for the 20/20 Olympics that will take place in Tokyo, Japan.

However, this proposal has been met with criticisms. Why does Japan need to change this sacred symbol, known as “Manji” in Japanese?

The symbol is associated with Buddhism with a much longer history. Foreign travelers should be better informed about this before coming to Japan! That is their argument.

As you know, the swastikas was created by Adolf Hitler, the world’s most evil man. This was a symbol of celebrating Aryan man.

Regardless, do you think Japan should change this historical symbol?

I guess that will avoid any confusion during the 2020 Olympics.

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