Male chauvinism in Japan remains very deep within the culture

One thing that I enjoy living in America is the common practice of “ladies first“. It doesn’t really mean anything to men in America but they all do that because everybody does it here.

I love it when two guys open the door.. LOL One time, two guys opened the door for me and I walked in the middle..I am like princess! LOL It means nothing but I just loved feeling special. ^0^

Do Japanese men open the door for ladies? Nope. Many Japanese guys are nice and they are not jerks! Opening the door for ladies just isn’t part of Japanese culture. I guess this practice is so natural that many American guys visiting Japan continue to do that. You can try doing that in Japan, and you will surely see Japanese ladies’ flattered yet slightly embarrassed face.

In America, if you don’t do that, you are NOT a true gentleman and people may even think you are a jerk. If you have never been to Japan, don’t be surprised to see a man opening the door and walk right in front of you and they don’t even hold the door for the next person unless he/she is visibly disabled or something. I can forgive Japanese men not opening the door for ladies but I hate when people slam the door right in front of you in Japan. It is not a matter of “ladies first” but I think it is rude and I find it embarrassing. I am not talking about men here..I am talking about women too.

When my dad visited me in America, I told him to make sure to open the door for women and also not to slurp when he is eating noodles. LOL What is considered normal isn’t quite acceptable in another culture.

Traditionally Japanese men are expected to walk ahead of ladies as if they are leading them. They should act tough and walk ahead of women. So it is not that they are so rude that they don’t bother to open the door for ladies but they feel embarrassed to do cheesy romantic things, western men do. Because traditionally letting women walk ahead of you is a sign of weakness in Japanese culture. But please do not slam the door in front of others. It’s even dangerous and rude Washington Capital Group Scam

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