Japanese language lesson level 2

Japanese language course Level 2is finally available now! This online Japanese course offers fun and effective web-based solution for your learning. You will learn how to speak, read and write Japanese effectively. We organize our lessons in the most logical order, so it makes sense to our learners.

All our online Japanese lessons are designed to help all types of learners. Whether you are a visual or logical learner, you will be able to get the detailed yet clear explanations on Japanese grammars and expressions and effective images and colors are added to make your learning experience more fun.

Yumi’s online Japanese language level 2 will take your Japanese to the next level. After completing this level, you will be able to engage in basic conversations in Japanese. Ask your friends where they are from, what do they do for living? We also introduce popular Japanese dishes and how to order them at restaurants in Japan. You will also learn the types of money (currency) we use in Japan and level 2 comes with many engaging exercises so you can retain what you learn each time.

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