Marriage in Japan

This is really interesting because I recently got married! Yay! My husband and I were given the options to carry husband’s or my surname, or for us to keep both of our it goes like this “Yumi Nakata Johnson” or we don’t have to change anything and leave it as is.

So I am still Yumi Nakata.

It should have been an easy choice but my husband’s last name is kind of complicated (the one above is just not his real last name) and my last name is bad enough.

I have to spell N as Nancy, A as Apple, K as Kelly on and on..every time I talk to Pharmacists, Any kind of customer service on the phone..

This is another interesting thing. My friend got married to her then American boyfriend in Tokyo.

She was able to keep the last minute separate. She was pretty confused. It sounded like carrying American husband’s last name was not an option!


Recently some frustrated Japanese people sued the Japanese government for discrimination and not letting people choose keep or combine their surnames.

Hopefully Japan will become like American marriage system. The interesting thing is that 65% or so married couples in the United Sates carry the husband’s last name. Although they have the ability to do whatever legally, it is more of a social norm or tradition.

What do you think? Would you like to keep both last names or to not change names..?

By the way, for me I plan to add his last name to mine early next year so Nakata will be my maiden name.


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