Japan love cats but is this too much?

crazyEverybody loves cats. Who wouldn’t love an adorable flurry animal? They can snuggle with you at night and super cute.

Pico is a Japanese designer. She invented all ranges of faux cat fur purses and it is not a regular boring purse. It’s shaped like adorable cats! Some of them have pink nose, whiskers and these make the purses very realistic.

The cool thing about Pico’s products is that she does make each one by hand. She stitches together the fur and airbrushes the cats using acrylic paint to create the individual markings.

But these aren’t cheap. The most popular kinds are the black, white and caramel colored cat purses, which go for $685..hum..I am not sure if I can afford it, but I am sure it’s worth the price. It’s hand picked and stitched by hand.

this just looks like a real cat..

Here in America, Grumpy cat is going still strong. I see the products everywhere..owner of the famous cat must be enjoying traveling and cashing in!

But I think this one is a little too much. Japanese online retailer is selling “Felissimo.”, which is a hand cream that won’t leave your skin soft but instead your hand will smell like cat’s paw. humm…I am sure this product will smell unlike any other hand creams that I’ve used so far.


I have to get it when I visit my family next month! Representatives from the company and Yamamoto Perfumery Co visited a cat cafe together to come up with the perfect fragrance. In short, they did their best to create a hand lotion that makes all cat loves sign in happiness.




This product isn’t that expensive. It’s about 50 mg and $9.50.

cat cream

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