Robot restaurant

Robot Restaurant


Have you ever heard of theĀ Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan? I grew up in Japan but this is the first time hearing about this crazy restaurant..

Apparently, this restaurant is a popular tourist spot that is visited by many foreign tourists. The restaurant offers a one of a kind experience. You don’t just enjoy dining but the venue is full of lights, neon, colors and robots!

Robot’s are a part of Japanese people’s childhood. We grow up watching TV shows and reading comic books featuring Robots. So how does this work..?

When you enter into this Robot restaurant, you will be seated in the waiting area first and you can have a snack. This is not your typical waiting area in any restaurant. You will enjoy the arcade, mirrored surfaces and lots of lights in every color.

It gets more interesting. There’s a robot dinosaur on every table. Then you go to the inside to see the main attraction. Then the robots come out to entertain you on the stage.

Robots dance along the music and about 20 people control the robots using remote controllers during the show.

Japan is definitely an interesting place to visit and I would be interested in going to this restaurant in Tokyo! So would you go to the robot restaurant?

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