Stereotype of American women

Unfortunately a TV personality like Carolyn Kawasaki (AKA Caiya) worsens American women’s reputation. Carolyn Kawasaki is married to a famous actor/a (former) singer from Japan.

He is tall and handsome so they look good together. We are all surprised that they are still married even though they have been separated for about 10 years. They started having marital problem because of Mayo’s infidelity.

One thing you would notice about this coupe is that they are always fighting in front of TV. Not so much them, but Caiya is always angry and yelling at her Japanese husband.

She is loud and has this exaggerated hand gestures to show her frustration..

Mayo complain that his wife is extremely needy. He needs to call her at least 20 times a day, checks on him all the time and she is controlling and scary..she wants public display of affection all the time…

Unfortunately these are the stereotypical American women’s reputation. Some ignorant TV stars told them it was because his wife is “Gaijin” (sorry for using this word.)

It makes no sense because most American women that I know aren’t like that..they are not aggressive, not that needy..average American women may not appear to be as submissive as Japanese women but they are all very different. So many Japanese people sympathize with Mayo for having an American wife who is loud, aggressive and needy..

Now, I don’t know how much they are just putting up a good show because they continue to appear on TV together..I talked about the importance of having unique Kyara (Japanese word meaning character) that entertains the audiences. Maybe they are really happily married and everything is just a show. or they can’t stand each other and actually the only reason they are together is because of their beautiful two Ha-Fu children …and also because they MAKE MONEY appearing on television together.

Their Character:

Mayo: whipped Japanese husband who is afraid of his aggressive American wife and his escape is to cheat on her with multiple different women.

Caiya: extremely needy White American wife who is constantly yelling at her poor husband and always angry at him. She wants to be the princess and wants a man who constantly tells her “I love you”…

American people say “Love you, bye” when they hang up the phone but they do that to family and couples often say that too but it is certainly different from what Caiya is looking for..and I just have a feeling that they are just putting up a good show for the money.

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