Utada Hikaru’s Manatsu No Tooriame Lyrics

I did my best to translate my most favorite song from Utada Hikaru’s latest album, “Fantome.” In her recent interview, she talked about this specific track, titled “Manatsu no Toori Ame-Midsummer rain shower). This song was selected for a new’s program in Japan.

She initially thought that this song might not be appropriate for a news program, but after all news is about people and she wanted to write something people can relate to. She says the woman in this music is in her 40s or 50s. She does not know why she came up with this concept, but as far as she goes, she wrote this song for her late mother, Keiko Fuji who committed suicide.

It’s a beautiful song, but as you can see, it is very difficult to translate into English. Japanese language has a tendency to omit pronouns and we find beauty in ambiguous phrases. It is much more the case in Japanese music. So I did my best to translate, interpreting ambiguous phrases to the best of my ability.

真夏の通り雨 (Midsummer rain shower)

夢の途中で目を覚まし (Waking up in the middle of a dream)

まぶた閉じても戻れない (Even though I close my eyelids, I cannot go back)

さっきまで鮮明だった世界 もう幻 (The world that was bright is already a fantasy)

汗ばんだ私をそっと抱き寄せて (You softly held my sweaty body)

たくさんの初めてを深く刻んだ (It deeply engraved many “first times”)

揺れる若葉にてを伸ばし (I stretched out at swaying young leaves)

あなたに思いを馳せる時 (When I think of you)

いつになったら悲しくなくなる (When do I stop feeling sad)

教えてほしい (I want you to tell me)

今日私は一人じゃないし (I am not alone today)

それなりに幸せで (I am happy in my own way)

これでいいんだと言い聞かせてるけど (Even though I tell myself that I am good..)

勝てぬ戦に息切らし(I gasp my breath to a war that I cannot win)

あなたに身を焦がした日々 (Days that I am burning to you)

忘れちゃったら私じゃなくなる (If I forget, I am not going to be myself)

教えて正しいサヨナラの仕方を (Tell me the right way to say good bye)

誰かに手を伸ばし (I reach out to someone)

あなたに思いを馳せる時 (When I think of you)

今あなたに聞きたい事がいっぱい (I have a lot of questions for you)

溢れて 溢れて (overflowing, overflowing)

木々が芽吹く 月日巡る (Trees sprout and days and months go by)

変わらない気持ちを伝えたい (I want to tell you my unchanged feelings)

自由になる自由がある (There is a freedom that is to become free)

立ち尽くす 見送りびとの影 (Standing still, and shadows of people that are sending off)

思い出たちがふいに私を (Memories unexpectedly and violently grabs me)

乱暴に掴んで離さない (and these don’t let me go)

愛してます 尚も深く(I love you still deeply)

降り止まぬ 真夏の通り雨 (Midsummer rain shower that does not stop)

夢の途中で目を覚まし(Waking up in the middle of a dream)

瞼閉じても戻れない (Even though I close my eyelids, I cannot go back)

さっきまであなたがいた未来 (I look for (my) future that you had existed)

たずねて 明日へ (and tomorrow comes)

ずっと止まない止まない雨に (The rain that has not stopped)

ずっと癒えない癒えない渇き (Thirst that does not heal, that does not heal)


This singer sings Utada’s cover. It’s very different but I love it. She sings softly but her voice has strength. Beautiful..

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