$180 sandwich

When you think about Sandwich, you probably imagine one of those that cost $10 or less. Maybe it’s slightly more expensive in Japan.

But Wagyumafia, restaurant in Tokyo, is selling $180 sandwich!! Founders are Hisato Hamada and Takafumi Horie and they established this restaurant to boast the world’s most expensive beefs.

They will be opening another store in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood.

So what’s so special about this sandwich that’s worth paying $180 for it?

It’s the cutlets of wagyu-the most expensive Japanese beef in the world. Are Japanese people craving for such expensive sandwiches? No, the owner says that most of their customers are travelers from abroad.

I did not know about this but why is Kobe beef so expensive?

It is because the only 1.3 pounds of Kobe beef Chateaubriand, the center section of the beef fillet, can be extracted from a single cow.

I don’t know if I would ever pay that much to eat beef. I am sure it tastes good and all, but I don’t like the idea of killing a cow just to get the small section of this cow. It is a waste.

I’ve seen people eat wagyu-kobe beef on TV. It looks very fatty and they all said it helped in their mouth. It contains high Omega 3 and 6. To me, it looks unhealthy but some people say that Kobe beef is actually healthy. I love beef and we can taste from that fat so I understand that some people get obsessed over that.

Wagyumafia website: http://www.wagyumafia.com/





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