Are you considered pretty in Japan?

Concepts of beauty are different from society to society and I don’t know about other societies but women who have these facial and physical features are generally considered pretty in Japan.

1) Double Eyelids: This is the most common plastic surgery procedures Japanese women seek. This procedure is also very popular in East Asian countries such as South Korea. Most Japanese women are born without eyelid creases. Instead of embracing single eyelids as a unique ethnic characteristic, Japanese women often feel undesirable because of the modern standard of western beauty. So it is common for them to use medical eyelid glue and tape to artificially create creases to make their eyes bigger. In more extreme cases, these women seek plastic surgeries with a hope to permanently create creases.

2)White pale skin: This isn’t because of modern western standard of beauty but this beauty concept has been around for many years in Japan. Traditionally women with pale skin were associated with novelty (not having to work in the field) so they were considered special and pretty. This is still the case in Japan.

3)Skinny: Japanese girls are usually very skinny. (Not me!) Not many women are obese or even overweight in Japan.

4)Proportioned facial feature: This isn’t just Japan but even if you have big eyes or large creases, you aren’t considered beautiful unless these things are in harmony.

I had personally struggled with this standard of beauty in Japan. I do like double eyelids but it is disappointing to see so many Japanese celebrities seek double eyelid surgery. Even though it isn’t their intension to change their ethnicity, they are not embracing their ethnic identity by changing their natural eyelids. But I am not here to just because I know the level of pressure women with Hitoe mabuta (mono eyelids) feel.

Ayumi HamasakiPopular Japanese singer and actress Ayumi Hamasaki is a good example of modern Japanese beauty. Her face is sheer perfection but she is reported to have gone through multiple surgical operations so her look complies with modern standard of beauty in Japan.

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