Christmas is Valentine’s day

Christmas is basically a valentine’s day in Japan. Couples make reservations at nice restaurants and hotels to spend a quality time together on this special day. I am not sure why Japanese people started to celebrate Christmas as a Valentine’s day but it is considered the most romantic day for Japanese couples. Usually men are expected to take their girlfriends out and give nice presents. It is not uncommon for them to buy pricey brand name purses and Jewelries. But this celebration is usually for young people and people start to look for dates so they can celebrate Christmas with their dates.

Nonetheless Christmas is a commercial holiday both in Japan and America. 😛 In America, people exchange gifts and have nice dinner and people do Christmas shopping to celebrate Christmas with their family. I am sure business tries to generate big profits before Christmas in both countries.

I am writing this article about Japanese Christmas because people often ask me how we celebrate Christmas in Japan. So I just wanted to say that Christmas is like Valentine’s day!


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