Hello kitty parking lot in Tokyo















Have you had a chance to visit the Hello Kitty Parking lot in Tokyo’s Asakusa district?

I am sure that this is the CUTEST parking lot in the world.

Hello Kitty is super popular in Japan and outside Japan. I am often impressed by people’s general obsession with Hello Kitty in America.

It is a great thing for the business though. But let’s face it. If you are a girl, even if you are a boy and you are into kitten, you would love hello kitty!

The collaborations between Sanrio Co. and Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co. made this super cute project possible. This has become another popular sightseeing spot in the area.

Hello Kitty is very popular in Japan but its popularity outside Japan is undeniable. This super cute Hello Kitty Parking lot near the Kaminarimon entrance gate of Sensoji, a large temple in Asakusa is visited by thousands of foreign tourists so this parking lot will become a new popular sightseeing spot.

Sanrio and Mitsui Fudosan continue to plan to open more Hello Kitty Parking lots in big cities in Japan. Fans must be so excited that they may get to see the real Hello Kitty parking Lots.


The best part of this project is that hello kitty is wearing Kimono and the whole design is very Japanese. I again feel that many businesses are working toward the Olympic 20/20 and of course they want to have as many attractions as possible.

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