I miss my country..

I have shared some of my bitter experiences growing up as Hafu in the countryside of Japan. I used to be pretty bitter about it because why would you love or miss the environment or a group of people or a society who doesn’t quite accept who you are.

But after living in the US for over ten years, I am starting to *really* appreciate some aspects of Japanese culture, even my upbringing (!) and it really tells me that I have become more tolerant. The best part of this whole experience is that I wouldn’t have experienced any of these (including moving to the U.S.) if not for my bittersweet experiences as Hafu.

Japan is changing and I don’t believe that mixed people in Japan experience the exact same thing that I had gone through as a child back home..and it also depends on the location.

But the good thing is that I actually look forward to going home, spending time with my Japanese sisters who live in Tokyo, Osaka and I am going to have to coordinate and figure out how to go from Tokyo to Osaka and back to Kurashiki in 9 days..it will be hectic.

There was a time that I didn’t miss home and I just wanted to immerse myself into American culture..speak English, forget about the past, Japan and all that. I needed that mental break to really get to where I am today.

My parents are getting older..it’s just the fact of life. They do get on my nerve and I can’t stand them if I were to live with them..my parents nag their kids every single day..and I know what they are going to say to me everyday..BUT they are getting older and they are not going to be around forever. So from this point on, each visit, each time we spend will be precious..

I will surely post pictures and share my travel with you on yumitolesson.com

Thank you for my friends who take the time to read my blog. I know I ramble a lot but I appreciate your time and comment.



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