My grandmother

I am proud to say that my Oba-chan (my grandma) is 93 years old.

She is surprisingly coherent and has an excellent memory. She remembers things I don’t remember. I like how she wears makeup every morning just to go for a walk. I think it is important to take good care of yourself as a woman no matter how old you are.

I hope to live as long as my grandmother does.

The only regret that I have is that she lives in Fukuoka prefecture and I haven’t seen her for seven years or so. I at least call her whenever I visit my parents. It is funny what my grandma said yesterday was exactly the same as the last year.

Me: “Oba-chan. Yumi desu. Genki? Hisashiburi!”

Oba-chan:”A—Yumi chan. Genki ni shiteruno? Hisashiburi yane..”

Me: “Oba-chan genki ni shiterun?”

Oba-chan: “Mou dame..Obachan wa achi kochi karada ga warukutene..”

I was asking my grandma how she has been and she always tells us that she isn’t very well and her health is suffering. She said the same thing the year before when I called her and actually she has been complaining about her health for as long as I can remember..

I wonder maybe that is the secret to her longevity. Although my grandma complains about her health, it means that she pays attention to her body and goes to the doctor frequently. There isn’t much she can do as her health issues are due to her old age.

Actually, I would seriously worry if my grandmother does not say anything about her health one day..that means that something is really wrong..


I won’t get to see her this year again but maybe I will plan ahead next time I come back to Japan and take the bullet train to Fukuoka prefecture.

I am thankful that my grandmother is still healthy and is in good spirit. I think that is the most important thing..

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