Japan’s celibacy issue

married 31-year-old marketing executive living in Tokyo told CNBC she would like to have a baby, but the decision is difficult. Like most Japanese women she says it can feel like a choice between having a family or a career.”My work is interesting and it’s kind of a disadvantage to take maternity leave,” said the women, who preferred to remain anonymous.

For many people in Japan parenthood isn’t appealing, which is major problem for the world’s third-largest economy as it pursues radical economic reforms in a bid to drag itself out of deflation. Japan’s fertility rate is among the world’s lowest. With the government projecting the population will shrine one third to 87 million by 2060, the implications are clear. (read more on cnbc.com)

This will likely to shrink Japan’s already suffering number of labors and Japan will not have enough people to sustain its economy by the time 1/3 of its population is cut. Japan’s economy relied heavily on young people and if they don’t have enough people to spend the money they earn or to produce the products they are selling, it will be a serious concern for the Japanese government. There are reports that show that young Japanese people are overworked and more people avoid relationships altogether to cope with the social pressure and the stress. 30 % of Japanese men in their 20s and and in their 30 s have never dated a woman. Japan men are turning more to technology to meet their sexual needs and they are less interested in dating and marriage in general. Nintendo’s “LovePlus” is popular among these Japanese men. Having a relationship with a virtual animation character is easier and less expensive. So what should happen in order to resolve this issue? Probably creating more jobs that support working mothers and giving incentives for the companies to hire women should be the first thing the Japanese government needs to work on. Japanese PM Abe allocated approximately 30 million dollars to fund the dating services with a hope to improve the current law birth rates..well, good luck!

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